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Nuit blanche Clichy 2012 (France)


The Water Beyond - Installation realized on the occasion of Nuit Blanche - Clichy 2012

This project is a continuation of my earlier work: chaos, order, disorder, fragmentation of reality, natural environment ... There is confrontation between the round shapes that evoke the gentle swaying motions of the waves and the almost chaotic, jagged and irregular form that closes the round shapes and suggests the violence of the breaking wave.

The structure rests on many boards of wood, natural elements, different colors, disposed in a haphazard but rhythmic in order to break the space of the base. What delights me in this shape is the contrast between order and disorder, the way reality is being fragmented and deformed by the reflections. I also enjoy the interplay of various materials and the play of the reflections reminding one of the shimmering waters. The viewers becomes part and parcel of the art work and participates in the plastic accidents it generates.

Used Materials: survival blanket pasted on plywood, Driftwood and recovered Taules and tiles and wooden shutter - Dimension: H-2,05m x L-5 , 00 m

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